Posted on 08/06/2018

Friday, 8/17/18 Parking Update: The window for on-line parking permit purchases for upperclassman (11th/12th) closed today at 4pm.
 At this time, we are sold out of all available parking spots, and we will not be able to open the window for sophomore sales as planned. We understand the important rite-of-passage it is to get to drive a car to campus, and we regret that we do not currently have the space to accommodate our younger drivers.
Students who choose to drive without a permit may still park on the street in the appropriate, designate spots. We will provide additional information if the situation changes, or if additional spaces become available.

New Parking Website with all policies and procedures

You must purchase the tag online AND complete the online application BEFORE you can pick up your parking tag!

Students must have all obligations (parking fines, textbooks, etc) cleared when they come to pick up the parking tag in the AP office.