Vandegrift High School AttendanceVandergrift
Phone: 512 570-2331
Fax: 512 570-9261

Absence Note Form

Permit to Leave Form
Emailed and Faxed notes for students to leave campus, must contain a handwritten signature of the parent or guardian.
NotesWhen a student is absent:
Please send a signed note with your student upon their return to school after an absence.

All absence notes MUST be turned in to the Attendance Office within 48 hours of your student returning to school. The note should include the following information:

1. Full legal name of student,
2. Student's ID number and grade written on the note or on the medical document,
3. Date(s) of absence,
4. Reason for absence, and
5. Parent signature and phone number.

*Medical documentation can take the place of the above items
**College visits must include student name, student visit date, and it must be on College/university letterhead

Notes may also be faxed to: 512 570-9261

Vandegrift High School begins promptly at 8:40 A.M. and dismisses at 3:52P.M.

If a student arrives at school after 8:40 A.M. the student must check in at the attendance office. If a student is late to class within the first ten (10) minutes of the class, the student is marked tardy. However, if a student arrives after ten (10) minutes, they are considered absent for that period only.