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Counseling Services

Counseling Services

Leander ISD's school counselors help children find success in school by promoting academic, career personal and social, development. LISD's comprehensive counseling program involves parents in decision-making regarding their child's well-being and education.

Counselors and guidance professionals in LISD may collaborate with students, parents, teachers and administrators to identify barriers that may impede student achievement, knowing that every student is unique. They can help students attain positive attitudes towards themselves, their family and their community.

Academic Development
  • Effective learning in school and throughout a student's life
  • Academic preparation for post-secondary options
  • Relationship of academics, work, family and community life
Career Development
  • Investigate the world of work to make informed decisions
  • Strategies to achieve future career goals
  • Relationship of personal qualities, education, training and work
Personal and Social Development
  • Interpersonal skills to respect self and others
  • Decision making, setting goals and taking action to achieve goals
  • Understanding everyday safety and survival skills

Family Services (School Social Work Team)
Mission Statement: Provide services that help LISD students and families achieve a sense of safety, stability and healthy well-being in order to be successful in school.
  • Provide short-term individual and group counseling with students and/or guardian(s)
  • Provide case management services
  • Conduct assessments and provide referrals to community agencies for mental health issues
  • Submit referrals to community agencies for basic needs assistance
  • Provide parenting support
  • Provide community outreach
  • Support for consultation with LISD school personnel
  • Support inter-agency collaboration and coordination
  • Facilitate crisis intervention
  • Provide training to campus staff on crisis systems and processes
Contact Information
Steve Clark
Director, Counseling Services
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Student Support Services
Chemical Abuse Prevention Program
Crisis Resources

Family Services
Main Line - 512-570-0159

Felix Barnhart, LCSW - 512-570-0158

Angela Hollingsworth, LCSW - 512-570-0156

Monica Kelly, LCSW - 512-570-0173

Joanna Magee, LCSW - 512-570-0155

Julie Rocha, LCSW - 512-570-0157

Haley Simmons, LCSW - 512-570-0174
Counseling Services