Microsoft Office Specialist

Earning certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist
Posted on 06/02/2020
Earning certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist

Dear Vandegrift community,


Business Information Management is a course in efficiency and productivity and one of our greatest joys as a Business Education teacher is to witness students develop good keyboarding and Microsoft Office skills. Regardless of their future profession, each student will benefit from developing these skills.


Earning certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) takes their skills to the next level. These industry recognized certifications will serve students in their future in the following ways:

  • Job Opportunities: MOS certification opens doors to future career opportunities as many employers look for certification in their candidate screening process.
  • College Degree Plans: Many universities require MOS certification as a pre-requisite to some degree plans.
  • College Credit or Course Exemption: Many colleges and universities will exempt an equivalent course if a student has earned a respective certification.

Passing a certification exam is challenging. This year’s pandemic made it even more difficult as students tested from home for Excel and PowerPoint. I’m excited to announce that many of our Vipers overcame the adversity. Vandegrift high school students earned a total of 191 Microsoft Office Specialist or Expert certifications this year: Word-80, Excel-55, PowerPoint-48, Word Expert-5, Excel Expert-2, and Access Expert-1.


Please celebrate this fantastic achievement with these students .


Student earning 6 MOS Certifications

Leandro Bracho           Word, Word Expert, Excel, Excel Expert, PowerPoint, Access Expert


Students earning 4 MOS Certifications

Justin Heroux               Word, Excel, Excel Expert, PowerPoint

Isabella Pham              Word, Word Expert, Excel, PowerPoint

Phoebe Smyser           Word, Word Expert, Excel, PowerPoint

Naomi Zilber                 Word, Word Expert, Excel, PowerPoint


Students earning 3 MOS Certifications

Gita Akkihal                  Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Cole Armer                    Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Hudson Aune               Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Ashley Benedict           Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Dylan Bolduc                Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Marcelo Bracho           Word, Word Expert, PowerPoint

Ryan Brito                      Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Danaja Burton             Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Audrey Bury                 Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Akansha Chawla          Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Brendan Corcoran      Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Michelle Davidson     Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Avery Elkins                  Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Elise Foral                      Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Athena Galatis             Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Rodo Hernandez         Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Nicole Hilscher             Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Lauryn Hoover             Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Iliana Linahan               Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Michael Mccann         Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Andrew Mckenzie       Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Aayush Merchant       Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Mugdha Merchant     Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Lyla Milam                     Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Alexander Mokhov    Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Lasya Nagisetty           Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Jenna Neslage             Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Maayan Oved              Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Claire Parrish                Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Ngoc Pham                   Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Keya Rajashekar          Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Andres Rosales            Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Lauren Roosa               Word, Excel, PowerPoint

William Roosa              Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Carly Rosenstrauch    Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Griffin Shaffer              Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Maryam Siddiqui        Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Sadie Stevens               Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Slater Swartwood      Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Kaylen Taylor                Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Xin Wang                       Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Sasha Young                 Word, Excel, PowerPoint


Students earning 2 Microsoft Office Certifications

Bryan Beamer             Word, Excel

Reece Beauchamp     Word, Excel

Taylor Bowman           Word, Excel

Ava Buchanan              Word, Excel

Kevin Corcoran            Word, Excel

Brooks Fannin              Word, PowerPoint

Landen Kerns               Word, Excel

Mason Kersh                Word, Excel

Benjamin Poljan         Excel, PowerPoint

Abigail Sanders           Word, Excel


Students earning 1 Microsoft Office Certification

Preston Anderson     Word

Logan Arnold               Word

Brooke Barksdale       Word

Riley Chandler             Word

Joseph Clark                 Word

Jordan Cochran           Word

Michael Coughlin       Word

Brooke Gentry            Word

Alysha Haggins            Word

Destiny Harris              Word

Gregory Harrison        Word

Jackson Helmlinger    Word

Cole Holzem                 Word

Beau Howard               Word

Daniil Klepov                Word

Joseph Morreale        Word

Karsten Olsen              Word

Zachary Price               Word

Dhruv Rao                     Word

Kayan Reddy                Word

Taylor Rice                    Word

Emma Sheneman      Word

Luke Sloan                     Word

Kavin Vasquez             Word

Dalton Woest              Word