If you would like to start a student-led club or study group that is allowed to meet during PIT, please review and complete the step-by-step instructions found at the link below. This link will also indicates the sponsor and a description of existing student-led clubs.
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Student Organizations
French National Honor Society
Key Club
Mu Alpha Theta
National Honor Society
Science National Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society (La Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica)
Student Council
Viper Boys Lacrosse Club
Viper Girls Lacrosse Club
Student-Led Clubs
Student-led club list updated as of September 2016. Faculty sponsors are indicated in parentheses.
A.D Team (Harrison, C)
Anime Club (Schocken)
Archery Club (Coker)
American Sign Language Club (Greenstreet)
AVID Club (Charles & Adrian)
Band Club (Grote)
Bible Club (Larson)
Book Club (Lopez)
Breakfast Club (Lopez)
Carom Club (Peterson)
Chess Club (Matthews)
Creative Writers Guild (Fisher)
Cultural Society (Legg)
Cyber Patriot (Weidenmeier)
Cyber Seniors (Herrick)
Devotion Bible Study (Barillas)
Drama Club (Alonso)
Engineering Club (Goshorn)
Filmmaking Club (Ellis)
French Club (Simon)
The FRIENDS (Tiedeman)
Game Development Club (Mathis)
Gender-Sexuality Alliance (Perrone)
Habitat for Humanity (Giesenschlag)
HOSA (Thomason)
Interact Club(Gillmett)
International Club (Legg)
Lego Club (Lopez)
Model United Nations (Mogab)
Philosophy Club (Peterson)
Project 319 (Nichols)
Quidditch Club (Worob)
Red Cross Club (Edgar)
SAT Club (Morris)
STEM Club (Raitt)
Sunshine Sisters (Pavey)
Super Smash Brothers (Lopez)
TedEd Talk Club (Muck)
Texas Advocacy Project (Segura)
Ultimate Frisbee Team  (Sully)
Veterans VIP (Peterson)
VHS Guide Dogs (Tiedeman)
VHS UNICEF Club (Mogab)
VHSBolly (Lyons)