Clubs & Organizations

If you would like to start a student-led club or study group that is allowed to meet during PIT, please review and complete the step-by-step instructions found at the link below. This link will also indicates the sponsor and a description of existing student-led clubs.

Student-Led Clubs

Student-Led club list updated as of September 2020. Faculty sponsors are indicated in parentheses.

Active Minds (Strauch)

A.D. Team (Johns)

All Girls Considered-Podcasting (Fulton, Matthews & Russell)

Amare Outreach (Irby)

Anime Club (Perrone)

Art Club (Bent)

Asian Culture Club (Stamps)

AVID Club (Adrian & Wustrau)

Board Game Club (Lopez)

Book Club (Lopez)

Brazilian Culture Club (Caldas)

Bread Club (Stewart)

Bullet Journal Club (Taft)

Calligraphy Club (Wilkins)

Chemistry Olympiad (Edgar)

Chess Club (Spitler)

Club of India (Magness)

Coding Club (Quach)

Cultural Flavor Club (Pomerantz)

Cyber Patriot (Weidenmeier)

Danimals Club (Stamps) // PENDING APPROVAL

Destination Imagination

Drama Club (Alonso & Schneider)

eSports (Schocken)

Entrepreneurship & Finance Club (Lopez)

Floral Design Club (Cole & Escamilla)

French Club (Long)

Game Dev (Newport-Forbes)

Gaming Club (Alonso)

Habitat for Humanity (Giesenschlag)

Hoops for Hope (Caldas)

LgbtVipers+ club (Patteson)

Military Club (Wustrau & Lynch)

Mindfulness Club (Morisset)

Model United Nations (Magness)

Nature Club – Gardening, Awareness & Volunteering (Kuklinski & Conrad)

Operation Smile club (Haynes)

PLTW Guest Speaker series (Pearce)

Rake the Lake (Swiatek)

Recycling Club (Coffeen)

Red Cross Club (Conrad)

Right Paths Project (Wilkins)

Science Fair Club (Biddle)

Stock Market Club (Nassar)

Table Tennis Club (Perrone)

Technical Theatre Club (Davis)

Trivia Club (Fulton) // PENDING APPROVAL

Vandegrift Musicians (Haus)

Vandegrift Volunteers (Tsai)

VHS Democrats (Matthews)

VHS iGEM (Pearce)

VHS Neuroscience Club (Ortiz)

VHS Photography Club (Sullivan)

VHS UNICEF Club (Mogab)

VHSBolly (Lyons)

Voices Amplified (Spradling)

Women in STEM (Wustrau)

Writer's Guild (Cooley)